96V SOLAR PUMP manufacturers take you to understand the system composition of solar water pumps

The manufacturer of 96V SOLAR PUMP tells you that solar water pumps (also known as photovoltaic water pumps) are the most attractive way of water supply in sunny areas in the world, especially in remote areas without electricity. , the system automatically operates at sunrise and rests at sunset, without personnel supervision, and the maintenance workload can be minimized. It is an ideal green energy system integrating economy, reliability and environmental protection benefits.

good price and quality 96V SOLAR PUMP componentsSystem composition:
1. Photovoltaic array
The 96V SOLAR PUMP manufacturer tells you that it mainly converts the sun's light energy into electrical energy, and provides working power for the load water pump motor.
2. Photovoltaic pumping inverter or controller
Control and adjust the operation of the solar water pump, drive the water pump with the electric energy from the solar array, and adjust the output frequency in real time according to the change of sunlight intensity, so that the output power is close to the maximum power of the solar cell array.
3. Motor (drive motor)
The 96V SOLAR PUMP manufacturer tells you that the drive motors used in different systems are also different. In photovoltaic water pump systems with a power level of less than 10 μNp, in order to obtain the highest possible system efficiency, DC brushless permanent magnet motors are mostly used for driving. In large-scale photovoltaic water pump systems, there are still many people who use AC asynchronous transmission, but due to With the continuous development of modern control technology, in order to further increase the pumping capacity provided by the unit peak tile, it has begun to be replaced by the multi-machine group control technology that realizes flexible control of multiple pumps.
4. Water pump
For photovoltaic water pumping systems, the choice of pump type is also very important. In a system with low power, if the user requires a high head but a small flow, it is advisable to choose a positive displacement positive displacement pump. In other cases, a centrifugal or axial flow pump may be used. Selection and consideration of pump types for photovoltaic water pump systems.
5. Water towers and water storage facilities
The manufacturer of 96V SOLAR PUMP tells you that if the photovoltaic water pump system is used in cold winter regions (such as the vast western regions of my country), it is advisable to use antifreeze water storage facilities, such as double-layer water tanks or water towers with vacuum pumped in the middle or solid insulation materials, and water diversion pipes should also be used. Anti-low temperature materials should be used and treated with antifreeze.